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Shannon Foss

I’m a senior double majoring in Comparative History of Ideas and Communication with Interdisciplinary Honors.  Some of my favorite things include reading and writing about the intersection of discourse and education, criticizing commodification, baking, traveling, asking a lot of questions, and watching Slavoj Zizek videos on YouTube.  Next academic year I will be working as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Romania, after which time I plan to pursue graduate study in rhetoric and/or education.

Nat Mengist

Greetings, earthlings! Graduating senior in Comparative History of Ideas, enrolled in the Masters in Education Policy cohort 2015-16. Fascinated by conceptual transformation, intellectual taboos, and ecologies of mind and health. Completing a Senior Thesis, advised by Phillip Thurtle Ph.D; Bad alchemy: The public and environmental ecopolitics of transforming health.

[unnatural philosophy, antiscience, hermetaphysics, dark theology: neoalchemy]



Mariel Vaca-Cruz

Hello all! I am a junior at UW double majoring in CHID as well as Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Some of the things I am interested in currently include immigration, food sovereignty, culture (language, food, art) and how all these play a role in our identity formation. I’m passionate about travel, photography, food, reading, learning new languages and meeting interesting people! In addition to attending school full-time, I have been an Airbnb host for the past year and it has been a great experience.

Amelia Batayola

I’m a CHID major with minors in English and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, and I have an old lady name. I enjoy magical realism, when dogs pull on their leashes to say hi to me, and implementing non-erasure practices when talking about social categories in the classroom. I’m currently working on my thesis, which considers how the cult of cool is a classist tool of control and affects our ability to respond to racism. I’m also all about alliteration. May this mustache give me the power and lack of consequences of a white male senator.

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Michael Beach

Hi there! I’m a non-traditional student here at the UW working toward a double major in HCDE and CHID. I love exploring media and cultural studies, producing audio and visual experiences, designing interaction frameworks, and challenging ontological paradigms. I’m currently working in the Model of Coordinated Action (MoCA) DRG decoding research to help redefine the field and problem space of practitioners and researchers in Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).

Alec Sullivan

Students always introduce themselves with their major and I will be no different. I’m studying CHID and History & Philosophy of Science with a Global Health minor. My most recent interests include the virus and all things viral, global mental health, and evidence-based, individualized education. I’m native to the Midwest, but attached to the PNW. Summary of me: loose leaf tea and obscure words.

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