GEOCOSM: Breaking the Frame

By Andrea Harris

“Geocosm” is a pseudoscientific project blending methods of sampling and categorization with the ideas of cybernetics and ecology. It creates an archive of place and a language to question within. It was developed during my time of residency at the HEIMA Collective in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

Throughout the western tradition of science and inquiry, the idea of a “single unit” is a strong force. The mechanistic idea of separating these units, expecting them to function on their own as well as having the power to be the building blocks to matter or reality can be seen in the history of science and philosophy through concepts such as Cell Theory, DNA, Leibniz’s monads, and more. The database applies this strategy of separation to encounter and document the land in Iceland; a landscape of eternal flux and change, and put into question how and if anything is actually separate.

Handmade wooden circle frames fragment the land into samples, creating their own little universes. This tool was used to take over 400 samples of the land in Iceland. But the frame is a feeble and naive concept, practically made to be broken. The land, wild and disobedient, often brakes this frame, an inadequate tool for holistic understanding.

An exhibition and performance was held at the LungA Festival in Iceland where images and texts were connected and drawn together by string, bringing back together the broken connections, creating a cybernetic map with no bounds.

**The texts were written by the artist as well as selections from authors Ursula LaGuin, Giles Delueze and Fritjof Capra.

**Exhibition Photographs by Sunnstede.

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