The Dream Recorder

by Chloe Sismour
My childhood was filled with dream catchers. Each night I checked to make sure my dream catcher was in proper, working order: there had to be just enough space to let the good dreams in and keep the bad dreams out – a delicate balance necessary to work my very handy tool.

My catcher worked almost every night, and I often found little bad dreams stuck in my net – evil blue-green blobs caught on the corners. I heaved big sighs of relief, assured that my maintenance was time well spent. But as I looked at those nightmares, I wondered what they held. For that matter, I wondered where all of my other dreams had gone, and why I could never remember them all.

This machine, built to satisfy my inner child, records and replays dreams.


Open your head and plop in the camera.

Take collected dreams (small, brightly colored balls usually tucked away somewhere near the back of your skull) and drop one-by-one between the reels.

Collect recorded dreams and store somewhere very safe.

To replay: simply run dreams through the machine once more and watch as the dreams are replayed before your eyes!

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